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Indeed, the Motoring News Headlines at the Turbo Driving website has a search engine supplied and powered by Google. Obviously, there is no need to leave this website to surf the entire internet. For example, enter your key searching word in the box above and press enter. The google powered machine will indeed do all the searching for you. Then, your results will open up on this page. In short, you do not have to leave our website to surf the internet.

So, should you wish to surf the internet, do that here – free! Obviously, if you want to make life easier, try out our new google powered engine above.

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At this point may we invite you to join our main forum. Indeed, our motoring forum has all the subject matters. Everyone is welcome, even though you don’t have a car! In fact, we do not discriminate, if you use the roads, join us. So, whether you have a car or not, join in with us. In other words, if you want a general chat about anything under the sun, consider signing up. In short, another page will open should you wish to join the Turbo Driving Forum.

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Of course, all road users are welcome to join the motoring forum

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