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Indeed, you can post here as often as you like.

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Obviously, the Motoring News Headlines website also has a blogging section for all. Indeed, we encourage anyone with an interest in cars or motoring to post regularly. This is because we just love visitor interaction. So, post here often!

Of course, your first two posts go to a moderation queue until we trust you. Then after this period all your posts become live instantly. Therefore, please consider joining in and make a post or two. Obviously, you are free to post anything you like as long as it is about cars or motoring. In fact, you may advertise a business here too as long as your advert is a motoring firm.

In order for search machines to find your article, just ensure that it contains over 200 words. This may sound a lot, but its not really. Indeed, once you start, you will get into the swing of it.

It is so easy to post here. In fact, the above form is self explanatory. To begin with, just add your screen name and email then your content. Obviously, your email remains private. However, to prevent spam posts, we have a moderation system in force. But this is only for the first two posts.


In short, we offer two different sections when you post here. Firstly, if you are a business, choose the Business category. Secondly, if you are a visitor, choose the Users Blog category. Then, your posts will go into the correct page.

Also Join The Car Forum

Indeed, if you prefer chat rooms to blogging, consider joining the Car Forum. Indeed, the Turbo Driving Forum is for all motorists and car users. In fact, it is for all road users, including pedestrians!

To Sum Up

Obviously, for those who love motoring, we have the perfect medium in which to blog. Indeed, you can also advertise a business here too. Obviously, we want you to join the massive forum and join in there too. So, get started today and have your say. Finally, bookmark our Home Page and call back regularly.

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